Items to be recycled

  • Glass – Bottles and jars only (green, clear, and brown). Rinse clean.
  • Aluminum – Cans only. Rinse clean.
  • Tin & Steel Cans – Food cans only. Rinse clean. There is a large container for large A72 R steel items.
  • Plastic – Milk, soda, detergent bottles, and other bottles marked #1-7 PETE or HDPE.
  • Paper – Newspaper, magazines, office paper, and cardboard only

Items that cannot be recycled

  • Glass – Window, mirror, light bulbs and tubes, pyres and dishes, drinking glasses, chemical bottles, medical containers, and laboratory glass
  • Aluminum – Foil and bottle caps
  • Tin & Steel Cans – Cardboard side juice cans, aerosol cans, paint cans
  • Plastic – Styrofoam, plastic cups and film, hard plastic (toys, pails, etc.), medicine bottles, and syringes
  • Paper – Bathroom waste paper (towels, toilet paper), wrapping paper, carbon paper, cellophane, cloth, cork, foil, polystyrene Styrofoam, anything waxed, candy wrappers, napkins, paper cups, Styrofoam cups, Styrofoam or paper food containers, photographs, fiberboard, labels, and label backings

All other non-recyclable materials shall be placed in the trash container located at the Town Hall.