July 22, 2021 Agenda Plan Commission

Town of Shields

Dodge County, Wisconsin


Planning Commission Board             July 22, 2021

_____________________Posted: June 15, 2021__________________

The Town of Shields and Plan Commission

Will meet on

July 22, 2021


At the Emmet Town Hall

W6777 Second Street

Watertown, WI


  1. Attendance & Pledge of Allegiance
  • New Business
    • McFarlndale Dairy LLC for a Conditional Use Permit
  • Adjourn

July 12, 2021 Agenda

Board Meeting            July 12, 2021,  7pm     Emmet Town Hall

Posted:   July 12, 2021  


  1. Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Minutes
  3. Treasurers Report
  4. Pay Monthly Bills
  5. Correspondence.
    1. Dodge County Unit Meeting, July 21, 2021
    1. DCLR & PD MCFarndale Dairy LLC
  6. Reports
    1. Watertown & Waterloo Fire Dept. monthly reports.
    1. ARPA Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Request
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. DCLR & PD Minor Land Division for Marlys Schmidt
    1. DCLR & PD Conditional Use Permit for Marlys Schmidt
    1. Jefferson Cty Highway Department- RR Crossing
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Public Comment


  1. Next month’s meeting date August 9, 2021, 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.

June 24, 2021 Plan Commission Minutes

Town of Shields

Dodge County, Wisconsin


Planning Commission                         June 24, 2021 



                        Attendance: Chairman Tony Peirick, Shannon O’Gorman, Sandee Macht, Susan Johnson-Clerk, Marlys Schmidt.

  1. The June 24, 2021, Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Tony Peirick at 7:02pm at the Emmet Town Hall.
  • Dodge County Land Resources and Parks Department sent notice of a request for a Minor Land Division Letter of Intent and Conditional Use Permit Application for Marlys Schmidt. Chairman Peirick asked for Marlys Schmidt to explain what her plans are. She explained she would like to section out 5.5 acres which included the home and barns, maybe into a farmett. This would be a single-family residence. There would also be a separate driveway for a farmer to enter the fields for yearly cropping. After discussion with the board. Shannon O’Gorman made a motion to recommend the Minor Land Division and Conditional Use Permit be approved for Marlys Schmidt and Sandee Macht seconded.  Motion carried. All were in Favor.
  • Sandee Macht made a motion to adjourn the Plan Commission meeting at 7:23pm and Shannon O’Gorman seconded. Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned.

            Respectfully submitted by Susan Johnson

June 14 2021 Minutes

Board Meeting                                   June 14, 2021                          7pm


Attendance: Chairman Neale Jones, Supervisor Peter McFarland, Supervisor Ron Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer Susan Johnson, Assessor P. Joseph Plasil, Candice Grams.

 1. The Board meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Chairman Neale Jones, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

2. The Minutes were reviewed by the Town Board, on a motion by Supervisor Johnson to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Supervisor McFarland. Motion Carried.

3. The Treasurers Report was read by the Town Clerk-Treasurer, on a motion by Supervisor McFarland to accept the report as read and seconded by Supervisor Johnson. Motion Carried.

4. The monthly bills were read by Clerk-Treasurer Johnson; Supervisor Johnson made a motion to pay monthly bills and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried.

5. Correspondents-None to report.

6. Reports.

a. The Watertown Rural Fire Department Report for May was 2-EMS calls to the township. The Waterloo Fire Department report for March was 1-Fire run, April and May there were no runs to the Township.

7. Old Business-None to report.

8. New Business.

a.  P. Joseph Plasil took the “Official Oath” to stay as the Town of Shields, Dodge County Assessor for the 2022-2023.

b. The Town of Shields board is going to make improvements to Ranch Road the cost is $24,690 and has requested the DNR to pay $5000 to improve their portion of the road. The DNR requested a Resolution for this project. Supervisor Ron Johnson made a motion to accept Resolution #01-2021 Regarding Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Town and County Road Aids Program for their portion of Ranch Road, in the amount of $5000 to the Town of Shields and seconded by Supervisor Peter McFarland. Motion Carried all were in favor.

c. The Town of Shields is amending the “Resolution for Bank Signature 01-2021” Supervisor Peter McFarland made a motion to accept “Resolution for Bank Signatures 02-2021” adding The Town of Shields Safe Deposit Box require (1) signature. They will be the Town of Shields Chairman or the Town of Shields Clerk-Treasurer, and Supervisor Johnson seconded. Motion Carried all were in favor.

d. The Town of Shields is updating Town of Shields Plan Commission Ordinance Number 04-01. The new Ordinance 02-2021 will narrow the PC board from a seven-member board to a five-member board. Three members will need to be present to make a quorum. The term will also be for only three years in hopes to have new people join as members choose to leave. Supervisor Johnson made a motion to accept the Town of Shields Plan Commission Ordinance Number 02-2021 and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried, all were in favor.

9. Miscellaneous.

a. The Town Board is looking into banking online, which would mean we would cash in one CD and put it in a savings account to it would be easier to move funds around as needed. Clerk-Treasurer will investigate this for the next meeting.  Noted by the board.

b. The Transfer Site is now open on Thursdays from 6-8pm, many residents are seeing this as a positive. Thank you for all the grateful comments. Security cameras are now up and running.  Noted by the board.

10. Public Comment-

a. Resident Candice Grams came to the board meeting to ask about the minutes from last month reporting on the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, is in the process of collecting information from cities, villages, and townships on the ATV/UTV routes they may have within townships.  The DCSD is compiling a list of the Ordinances for their use. The board also explained in 2015 and 2016 the town held meetings and determined the town would not put an ordinance in place at this time due to feed received from the town residents.

11. Next month’s meeting date; July 12, 2021, at 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.

Supervisor McFarland called for the meeting to be adjourned at 8:03pm and Chairman Jones seconded. Motion Carried Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson