October 10, 2022 Minutes

Board Meeting                                   October 10, 2022                                7pm


Attendance: Chairman Neale Jones, Supervisor Peter McFarland, Supervisor Ron Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson, Assessor P. Joseph Plasil, Steve Kauffeld.

 1. The Board meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Neale Jones, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

2. The Minutes were reviewed by the Town Board, on a motion by Supervisor Johnson to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Supervisor McFarland. Motion Carried.

3. The Treasurers Report was read by the Clerk-Treasurer Johnson, on a motion by Supervisor McFarland to accept the report as read and seconded by Supervisor Johnson. Motion Carried.

4. The monthly bills were read by Clerk-Treasurer Johnson; Supervisor Johnson made a motion to pay monthly bills and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried.

5. Correspondence.

a. Linda Jones from Rubicon sent an email to Chairman Jones asking for support of Amending the Dodge County Ordinance to be more restrictive, regarding Green Energy for Solar Panel Projects. Linda’s is hoping you will agree changing the ordinance. Her understanding right now there is no way to recycle these panels and what happens if there are fires are they equipped to handle these types of fires. If you have questions, you can email her at jones.linda1111@gmail.com. Noted by the board.

b. The Wisconsin Towns Association put together a 2023 Salary Survey for populations 1-9,999 residents within the 6 Districts throughout the state. The Average and Median salaries are listed below; Chairman A-$6,267 M-$5850, Supervisors A-$3,723 M-$3250, Clerk-Treasurer A-$36,712 M-$33,525. It helps see where the TO-Shields falls. Noted by the board.

c. There will be a Dodge County Unit Meeting for town officials on October 19, 2022 at 7:30 pm at the Dodge County Administration Building. Noted by the board.

d. The Demographic Service Center sent notice of the final estimate for the Town of Shields as 510. DOA’s 2022 estimates are based on the U.S Census Bureau’s 2020 counts.

6. Reports.

a. Watertown Rural Fire Reports the Watertown Rural Fire Department for August 2022 was 1-Fire call, 1-EMS calls, no MVA & no HAZCON. The Waterloo Fire Department report September 2022 was 0-Fire call, 0-EMS calls, no MVA & no HAZCON.

b. The 2022 Fall Workshops were attended by Chairman Jones and Clerk Johnson. The virtual programming included reviewing Chart of Accounts, Form C/CT, Budget and Levy Adoption Procedures, Municipal Levy Limit Worksheet, Revaluations, Protecting Town

Roads with Weight Limits, Building your Tax Bill, Tax Collection and Settlements, Grants/ARPA and Emergency Preparedness. All classes held a lot of information and were a good update of new procedures.

7. Old Business-none to report.

8. New Business.

a. DCLR & PD Minor Land Division Letter of Intent for Neale R. Jones for the parcel 2412-004 which is 3.5 acres to be combined with Aaron & Jill Jones parcel with the remainder .5 acres to someday might be sold to Steven Yohn. After discussion Supervisor McFarland made a motion to approve the Minor Land Division Letter of Intent Form for Neale R Jones, and Supervisor Johnson seconded. Motion Carried all were in favor.

b. The 2023 Stray Animal Contract was available for review. After discussion about the three hundred dollars in crease. Supervisor Johnson made a motion to approve the 2023 Stay Animal Contract and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion carried all were in favor.

c. The yearly 911 Joint Powers Agreement was available for Chairman Jones to sign. Supervisor McFarland made a motion to approve the 2023 911 Joint Power Agreement and Supervisor Johnson seconded. Motion carried all were in favor.

d. P. Joseph Plasil turned in a letter tonight officially retiring from the Town of Shields Board as the Town of Shields Assessor. He final day will be after Board of Review in May or June of 2023. He has been the Assessor for almost 55 years!! Thank you, Joe!! More to follow.

9. Miscellaneous.

a. Budget Planning Prep will be held on October 11, 2022 at 7pm at the clerk’s home.

b. Electors meeting on the 2023 Budget Hearing will follow the November 14, 2022 monthly board meeting.

10. Public Comment.

a. Supervisor Johnson made a comment on WOW how nice is it to drive on Hwy Q now.

11. Next month’s meeting date; November 14, 2022 at 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.

Supervisor Johnson called for the meeting to be adjourned at 8:13pm and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson