September 11, 2023 Agenda

Town of Shields
Dodge County, Wisconsin

Town Board September 11, 2023
_____________________________________Posted: September 6, 2023


Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Minutes
  2. Treasurers Report
  3. Pay Monthly Bills
  4. Correspondence.
    a. Demographic Services Center preliminary population TO-Shields estimate 509
    b. DCLR &PD sent a meeting date for “Notice of Amendments to the Dodge County Sanitary Ordinance”
    c. Service Change Pick Up Day-Waste Management
  5. Reports
    a. Watertown & Waterloo Fire Dept. monthly reports.
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
    a. Transfer Site/Recycling Agreements
  8. Miscellaneous
    a. Monthly Board Meeting date CHANGE New date; October 2, 2023, 7pm at the Emmet Town Hall. (October 9, 2023-cancelled)
  9. Public Comment
  10. Next month’s meeting date October 2, 2023, 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.
  11. Adjourn

August 14, 2023 Minutes

Town of Shields
Dodge County, Wisconsin

Town Board August 14, 2023


Attendance: Chairman Neale Jones, Supervisor Peter McFarland, Supervisor Kyle Wollitz, Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson, Susan Malmanger(LRS), Kathy Everson(LRS), John LeAir(GFL), Rick Bratz.
The Board meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Neale Jones, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Chairman Jones suspended the normal meeting procedures and moved directly to Correspondences.

  1. Correspondence.
    a. The TO-Shields board invited quotes from Waste Recyclers to our meeting tonight. We are quoting our current transfer site dumpsters. Susan & Kathy from LRS (Lakeshore Recycling System), John from GFL Environmental, WM (Wast Management) sent an email quote and Badger Materials Recycling, LLC, no response. Susan gave a brief history of LRS acquired Badgerland Disposal Recycling in the past few years, so we would see the blue dumpsters and the red Badgerland dumpsters will be replaced with blue containers as they deteriorate. Contracts can be renewed every year, 2–3-year contracts available, the preferred is a 60-month (5yr) contract and is negotiable. Two separate contracts were provided as a comparison. A contract tonight with no added fees with an annual increase subject to CPI would be $890.00 per month. Also, a contract tonight without fuel charges included would be $563.66 (rates subject to variable fuel charge, 35.05% currently would be $761.23 which can change monthly). Delivery and lock bar installations are negotiable.
    b. Johns from GFL Environmental gave a brief history of GFL located in 27 states and Canada, he is from the Horicon branch. A contract tonight would be all fees included $586 per month. Contracts can be renewed every year and would increase by 5% in the second and third year, the length of the contract is also negotiable. There are no delivery fees or lock bar fees.
    c. Waste Management Environmental Services Proposal as of meeting time tonight via email was $574.37 per month (this includes the monthly Energy Sur Charge). The current Energy Sur charge is 15.84% per month and administrative charge of $8.50 per month. All the above contracts were quoted with no increase in the first year, yearly increases there would be a cap of 8% up to a five-year contract with a cap at 5% increase annually in years two through five.
  2. The Minutes were reviewed by the Town Board, on a motion by Supervisor McFarland to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Supervisor Wollitz. Motion Carried.
  3. The Treasurer’s Report was read by the Clerk-Treasurer Johnson, on a motion by Supervisor McFarland to accept the report as read and seconded by Supervisor Wollitz. Motion Carried.
  4. The monthly bills were read by Clerk-Treasurer Johnson; Supervisor Wollitz made a motion to pay monthly bills and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried.

Correspondence Continued.

a. DCLR & PD sent an approved Land Use Permit for Jay Blasé for a detached garage. Located at N1218 County Rd Q.
b. DCLR & PD sent an approved Land use Permit for Amber Castonguay for a fence. Located at W7873 County Rd Q.
c. Dodge County Highway Department sent new forms for the chairman to fill out when signs need repair, minor road work, brush cutting need to be done. These forms must be filled out before the work can be done.
d. The Agricultural Community Engagement sent notice of the Professional Dairy Producers modern dairy tours this year. Washington County August 28, Rock County August 29, Polk County August 30, and Wood County August 31. Tours begin at 6pm, ice-cream at 7 followed by open dialogue until 8:30pm. More information is available at .

  1. Reports.
    a. The Watertown Rural Fire Reports are as follows: The Watertown Fire Department for June 2023 was 0-Fire call, 0-EMS calls, no MVA & no HAZCON. The Waterloo Fire Department report for July was no Fire, EMS, MVA, No HAZCON.
    b. The Dodge County Unit Meeting was held on July 19, 2023. Chairman Jones attended and reported Senator Ballweg was in attendance, she spoke on her history in WI, Agriculture Road Improvement Program, the Veto to Road Funding, 2023 Act 12: Shared Revenue Funding Updates and the New Legislative Districts. Her weekly updates can be found at .
  2. Old Business.
    a. DCLR & PD sent notice of a Public Hearing Notice-Petition to Amend the Dodge County Floodplain Zoning Ordinance. The meeting date is Monday, August 28, 2023 at 7:30pm at the Administration Building in Juneau. The public is invited to attend.
    b. DCLR & PD sent notice on a petition for the Town of Hubbard Town Board to amend the list of “Designated Streets or Roads” in Appendix of the DC Land Use Code to include an additional approximate 1320’ section of Noble Road as a designated road. Meeting date is September 11, 2023 at 7:05pm at the Administration Building in Juneau. The portion of Noble Road to be added as a designated road starts approximately 1320’ south of its intersection with County Road S continuing south for 1320’. The purpose of the amendment is to allow the reduction of the current required 75’setback from the centerline of this road to a 60’ setback from the centerline of the road. All the people interested are invited to attend and be heard.
  3. New Business.
    a. DCLR & PD sent notice of a Rezoning Petition for Rick Bratz to add approximately two acres to the property located at W7880 County Road Q (Casey’s Saloon) and rezone it to Commercial Zoning for future use. The Plan Commisssion met on July 27, 2023 and after discussion with Mr. & Mrs. Bratz, Plan Commission member Jeff Kluslow made a motion to make a recommendation to the Town of Shields board to move forward with the rezoning request and Plan Commission member Sandee Macht seconded. The Town of Shields board reviewed the recommendation by the Plan Commission and discussed with Rick the purposed purpose of the rezoning area. Rick explained for the bar for future septic, and this was paperwork he had done a long time ago when he purchased the house and bar that had never been finished. Supervisor McFarland made a motion to accept the Rezoning Petition as written and Supervisor Wollitz seconded motion carried all were in favor. Motion Carried.
    b. The Dodge County Highway Commission sent the 2023-2024 Winter Maintenance Agreement to the TO-Shield. The cost will be for one year $750.00 per mile, the township has 28.65 miles which is a total of $21,487.50 in cost for the snowplowing contract for 2023-2024 year. If there is leftover funds available the town will be able to carry forward to the next winter season. Supervisor McFarland made a motion to accept the contract as written for the 2023-2024 Winter Maintenance Agreement, and Supervisor Wollitz seconded. Motion Carried all were in favor.
  4. Miscellaneous
    a. The budget dates were set, the Budget Prep Meeting will be held on September 28, 2023 at 7pm at the clerk’s home. The Budget Hearing will be held on November 13, 2023 following the regular town board meeting.
    b. The October 9, 2023 monthly Board Meeting will be changed to October 2, 2023. Please make note of this change.
  5. Public Comment-None to report
  6. Next month’s board meeting date; September 11, 2023 at 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.
  7. Chairman Jones called for the meeting to be adjourned at 8:09pm and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson