December 13, 2021 Agenda

Board Meeting            December 13, 2021    7pm     Emmet Town Hall

Posted:   December 8, 2021     


  1. Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Minutes
  3. Treasurers Report
  4. Pay Monthly Bills
  5. Correspondence.
    1. 2022 District Meeting Registration now open for Board members
    1. DCLR & PD sent notice of an approved above ground pool for Rick & Patty Maas
    1. DCLR & PD sent notice of and Extension for Jay Blasé in construction of a shed.
  6. Reports
    1. Watertown & Waterloo Fire Dept. monthly reports.
  7. Old Business
    1. ATV/UTV laid over until January 17, 2021 Board Meeting
  8. New Business
    1. Appoint Election Inspectors for 2022-2023
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Public Comment


  1. Next month’s meeting date January 17, 2021 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.

November 8, 2021 Minutes

Board Meeting                                   November 8, 2021                              7pm


Attendance: Chairman Neale Jones, Supervisor Peter McFarland, Supervisor Ron Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson, Assessor P. Joseph Plasil, Randy Soldner, Mike & Shari Brennan, Shannon O’Gorman, Steve Yohn, Josh & Sandee Macht, Candy Grams, Jay & Julie Blasé, Jesse Groeler, Alicia Ellerby, Todd & Kandice Blank.

 1. The Board meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Chairman Neale Jones, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

2. The Minutes were reviewed by the Town Board, on a motion by Supervisor McFarland to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Supervisor Johnson. Motion Carried.

3. The Treasurers Report was read by the Clerk-Treasurer Johnson, on a motion by Supervisor Johnson to accept the report as read and seconded by Supervisor McFarland. Motion Carried.

4. The monthly bills were read by Clerk-Treasurer Johnson; Supervisor Johnson made a motion to pay monthly bills and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried.

5. Correspondence-None to report.

6. Reports.

a. The Watertown Rural Fire Department and the Waterloo Fire Department reports were not ready at meeting time.

7. Old Business.

a. ATV/UTV Ordinance discussion was carried out listening to both sides. A survey will be taken when your tax bill is mailed out. Questions about where the signs will be placed and who will maintain, noise was a large topic, hours ATV/UTV should be allowed on the roads. Comparison to Jefferson County rules. If or When TO-Shields passes an ordinance, Dodge County will then choose which County roads will be open for travel in our township. No action will be taken until January or February Board meeting.

b. DCLR & PD Conditional Use Permit and a Minor Land Division Letter of Intent Form for Harold Peckham. Chairman Jones made a motion to allow for the Conditional Use Permit for Harold Peckham and Supervisor Ron Johnson seconded. Motion Carried. All were in favor. Supervisor Ron Johnson made a motion to accept the Minor Land Division for Harold Peckham and Supervisor Peter McFarland seconded. Motion Carried all were in favor.

8. New Business-None to report.

9. Miscellaneous-None to report

10. Public Comment-None to report.

11. Next month’s meeting date; December 13, 2021 at 7 pm at the Emmet Town Hall.

Supervisor Johnson called for the meeting to be adjourned at 8:02pm and Supervisor McFarland seconded. Motion Carried Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson